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3.1.6 Sunny Cove, Redland Foothill Groves, Redlands, California

A colorful orange crate label for the Sunny Cove Brand, packed by the Redlands Foothill Groves, in Redlands, California. The label features an idyllic scene of orange groves surrounding a large yellow house, with hills in the background.
Western Litho. Co.

Sunny Cove, Redland Foothill Groves, Redlands, California, 1931; Crate, can, and bottle label collection, Kemble Spec Col 08; California Historical Society.

This picture was created for a label that was pasted onto the wooden fruit crates that shipped out to market. These labels were meant to present an appealing image of the place where the oranges were grown. What natural features do you notice? Which of these natural features do you think might be native to the region (that is, were not introduced or planted by settlers)?

These fruit crate labels have become a popular form of art that are still sold today. They are often idealized representations of the fruit business and do not suggest the labor necessary to produce an abundant crop. An image like this one, with a grower’s residence in sight, also obscures the life of those who labored in, but did not own, the orange groves

Sunny Cove Brand
Packed By Redlands Foothill Groves
Redlands, California
T.M. Reg. U.S. Pat. OFF.

Grown in U.S.A.

Mutual Orange Distributors.
T.M. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. And Foreign Countries.

Copyright 1931 By Redlands Foothill Groves