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8.12.6 Immigrants, Ellis Island

Photograph shows five women immigrants sitting on dock at Ellis Island.
Bain, George Grantham
circa 1910
Photographic Print
Library of Congress

Bain, George Grantham, photographer. "Immigrants, Ellis Island. [ca. 1910]." Photograph. Library of Congress,

In this unidentified photo, we see women who immigrated to the United States through Ellis Island. What do you notice about the ages of these women? Where do you think they may have traveled from to get to New York? What do their clothes tell you about their lives? What do their expressions tell you about what they may have been feeling when the photographer took this photo?
Although most immigrants through Ellis Island in the early twentieth century came from Europe, people arrived there from all around the world. We do not know where these women hailed from, but it is possible that they emigrated from the Caribbean. The first three decades of the twentieth century saw a large upswing in the number of arrivals from the nations of the Caribbean.

Immigrants, Ellis Island