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12AD.5.5a Yick Wo laundry in San Francisco

Image of a Chinese laundry house with a wagon in front of the building. Printed and handwritten text appear underneath and above the image.
Supreme Court of the State of California
1886 January 22
Government Publication

Chinese laundry house of Yick Wo. "In the Matter of the Application of Wo Lee for a Writ of Habeas Corpus." Government publication. January 22, 1886. Case 3947, Civil and Appellate Case Files, 1863-1911; U.S. Circuit Court for the Ninth Circuit for the Northern District of California, Record Group 21. US National Archives and Records Administration (San Bruno, California).

Filed Jan. 22. 1886
[illegible] clerk

In the Supreme Court of the State of California.
In re YICK WO, on habeas corpus, No. 20, 126, in bank.
Exhibit 1 for respondent.
At No. 349 Third street, San Francisco, as seen from the South