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1.6.1 Big Tree, 22 ft. in diameter, Jas. Brown's Claim, Humboldt Co. Calif.

Two women and group of men sit in a line within a cut made in a large tree, 22 feet in diameter, in Humboldt County, California. Bits of timber are scattered around the base of the tree. Two men with axes stand to the right and left of the tree base.
Cherry, E.
circa 1890
Photographic Print

Big Tree, 22 ft. in diameter, Jas. Brown’s Claim, Humboldt Co. Calif., circa 1890; General Subjects Photography collection, PC-CO-Humboldt County; California Historical Society.

California is special. It has more types of plants and animals than any other state. This is due to the fact that the state has so many different landscapes, which include mountains, deserts, coastline, and valleys. So much lives and grows in these different landscapes, even in the deserts where there is little water. What lives and grows where you live? Redwoods grow along the coast in the northern part of the state. These are the tallest trees in the world.
Redwood trees rely on coastal fog to thrive. Their natural range is from Big Sur, California, to southern Oregon. People appreciate the redwood tree for its wood. California Native people have long used it for building dwellings and boats. A single tree can produce a good deal of lumber, and this wood has natural resistance to fire and insects.

Big Tree, 22 ft. in diameter, Jas. Brown’s Claim, Humboldt Co. Calif.
E. Cherry
Santa Rosa, Sonoma County,