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1.5.8 Indian Wedding, 1984

Indian wedding, bride is taken to the ceremony by father and brother.  
Leonelli, Elisa

Indian Wedding, 1984; Elisa Leonelli photo archives,
Claremont Colleges Library. Special Collections.

Here an Indian bride is taken to her wedding ceremony by her father and brother. An Indian bride would typically wear an outfit in shades of red to her wedding, as red is considered to be a good-luck color. Have you ever been to a wedding? How were people dressed? What colors were worn at the wedding by the bride and groom? Are different colors associated with certain celebrations or holidays?
A traditional Indian wedding often consists of many different ceremonies over the course of a week. Each ceremony is full of family and cultural significance leading up to the wedding ceremony itself. The jewelry worn by the bride is often symbolic and usually is given to the bride by the groom’s family.

Color photograph of Indian wedding ceremony with three people pictured.