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1.5.6 Patrick Gets Back His Bike

Photograph caption reads, in part: “Patrick O'Day Vance, 10, happily poses with his bicycle today at Lankershim School in North Hollywood. The bike was stolen Saturday and found by a friend Tuesday evening. A story about its theft in the Valley Times brought Patrick 25 offers of a new vehicle. The youngster was lost without one; he has an artificial right leg, which makes walking difficult.”
Brich, George

Patrick gets back his bike, 1961, by George Brich; Valley Times Photo Collection, Los Angeles Public Library.


This is Patrick O’Day Vance. In 1961, Patrick’s bicycle was stolen, but was found by a friend three days later. Patrick needs a special bike, since he has an artificial right leg. He relied on this bike to move around and play with his friends. Do you know someone who has a disability? How can you be a good friend to help others?
Developing an awareness and sensitivity to the disabilities of others is something that can be nurtured in the classroom. This might be an opportunity to discuss the ways in which we all have disabilities — on the inside and the outside — and how we should develop patience and empathy for those who need additional assistance to be successful. This image can provide an opportunity for a short conversation about physical and mental disabilities and differences. Take care to be sensitive to ideas students have about disabilities.  

Photograph of young boy smiling with bicycle.