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1.2.6 Police officer teaches traffic safety

Children from Castelar Children’s Center in Chinatown are taught how to read a stoplight on February 2, 1966. A miniature stoplight is used by Officer Don Kringen, who is assigned to traffic education.
Don Bush & Associates

Don Bush & Associates, Police Officer Teaches Traffic Safety, 1966; Los Angeles Herald Examiner Photo Collection, Los Angeles Public Library.

These students are learning how to read a stoplight on February 2, 1966. The police officer is using a miniature stoplight to help the students to be safe. Does this stoplight look like ones in your community? How is it the same? Different? Why is it important to follow safety rules when crossing the street? Are these rules important on a bike? In a car? On a scooter?
This photograph was taken at Castelar Children's Center in Chinatown, Los Angeles, on February 2, 1966; it is now a day care center. The children are learning traffic safety. The officer is Don Kringen, who had been assigned to traffic education. Is this a service that is provided today? Do police and fire departments visit schools? When do students see police officers and firefighters in the community?

Photograph of young children and a police officer gathered around pretend stoplight.