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1.2.5 General Store, Guadalupe and 9th Avenue, Guadalupe

The photograph shows the grocery store interior, with displayed produce and packaged food, scale, and five standing adults and one child.

General Store, Guadalupe & 9th Avenue, Guadalupe, 1929, Yoemon Masatani, Teruye Masatani, Harry Masatani, and Annie Ohta; “Historical Photos of Four Ethnicities on California’s Central Coast” Collection, Black Gold Cooperative Library System.

This is Masatani's Market, a grocery store in Guadalupe (Southern California). The Masatani family is pictured in the image. Where does your family shop for groceries? Does this market look like the one you visit? Does your family order groceries online? Are they delivered?
This 1929 photograph of family-owned and -operated Masatani Market, located at Guadalupe and 9th Avenue in Guadalupe, California, is still open today. Yoemon Masatani, Teruye Masatani, Harry Masatani, and Annie Ohta are pictured in the photo. Masatani's Market was established in 1922 and closed during World War II when the Japanese American family was incarcerated in internment camps. As a community grocery store, the shop sold produced and packaged goods, along with other household items. Inquire whether students know of family-owned businesses in their communities and the size and scope of their operation compared to Masatani's Market. How important are grocery stores to a community?

Photograph of people gathered inside of a market. Fruits and vegetables are in the foreground, people gathered in the background