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1.2.4 Commuters, foot of Market St., San Francisco, ca. 1927

People walking to work from Ferry Building
circa 1927

Commuters, foot of Market St., San Francisco, ca. 1927; San Francisco Photograph Collection, PC-SF; California Historical Society

These residents of San Francisco are going to work in the year 1927. How do people in your community travel to work or school? How do you usually travel to school?
This photograph provides an opportunity for students to note similarities and differences between the way people look and move around the city today compared to those in the past. The clothes and hats on the people look a bit different from those you see today. Yet the buildings and the streetcars still look much the same way they did nearly 100 years ago. For students who do not live in a large city, this whole street scene will look and feel novel. Some students will find the public transportation pictured fascinating compared to the predominance of cars used for commuting today. They may take an interest in the crowded sidewalk and newspaper stand, too.

Photograph of people walking outside of the Ferry Building in San Francisco