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1.2.1 Anne Henrietta Martin (pitching), Seminole Baseball Club, 1890

Women’s baseball team, Seminole Baseball Club
Butler, G.P.

Anne Henrietta Martin (pitching), Seminole Baseball Club, 1890; Portrait Collection, PC-PT; California Historical Society

These women are participating in a community activity. What do you think is happening in this image? What clues did you use to determine your answer? Are there organized sports teams in your community? Are these sports just for women? Men?
Note: To generate a deeper conversation, teachers may not want to share the title of this image. Questioning could begin with, "What activity is happening in this image? Could it be a game or a sport? If so, what sport is being played in this image and how do you know? " This source can be helpful for students to note similarities (people playing baseball for recreation) and key differences (the dress, structure of the field, buildings in the background, and the fact that even though this is a photo, it's in black and white). Teachers may wish to explain how many years ago this picture was taken, in order to provide students with a general timeline of the past. Teachers may also want to show a contrasting picture of people playing baseball in the present day to have students compare and contrast the images. In a class T-chart, students could offer evidence from each source for how the image connects to their current world. For example, using this photograph, they could have as a similarity that people today play games and sports at school. It looks different because their clothes seem old fashioned. Proceed to follow this pattern for each photograph in order for students to gain essential understandings about the concepts similar and different.

Photograph of women playing with a ball. Text on the side says “E.P. Butler, Reno Art Gallery.”